Exploring Lawn Care Procedures and Equipment

Seven Reasons Why You Need To Invest In A Good Green Tow-Behind Turf Aerator

Aerating your turf is important if your want to optimize the condition of your turf. A green tow-behind turf aerator can work wonders when it comes to turf aeration. The following are seven reasons why you need to invest in a good green tow behind turf aerator.  You can strengthen your roots. Roots can grow more easily in aerated soil than they can in soil that is firmly compacted. Regular use of a green tow-behind turf aerator can therefore help to strengthen your roots and turf over time. Read More 

Visit A Garden Center Before Christmas For These Items

A lot of people make frequent visits to their local garden center in the spring. Doing so will allow you to buy seeds, starter plants, and other things that will help you with your garden. If you seldom visit the garden center after you've planted your garden, it's worthwhile to know that many of these centers are open year-round. The Christmas season can be a good time to visit. Most garden centers bring in an extensive stock of Christmas items late in the fall, which will give you all sorts of options. Read More 

Five Uses for Gravel in the Landscape

Gravel should be in your arsenal for landscaping strategies. This versatile material can serve many purposes in your yard. 1. Simple Pathways Small walkways and garden paths prevent erosion and landscaping damage while also adding an attractive touch to the garden. Gravel can be used to make simple, low-effort paths. Just remove the sod along the desired walkway. Compact the remaining soil, add a shallow layer of sand and top it off with landscaping fabric. Read More 

Use Stone Products In Your Landscaping

Have you decided to make some major changes in your home landscaping? Maybe you already know exactly what you want to include in your landscape design. Or, maybe you are still looking for ideas that will make your landscape beautiful and unique. If that's true, then you've come to the right place. Think of adding drama to your landscape with flagstones and other stone products. Not only is that an affordable way to add beauty to your garden, but the stone products will last for a very long time. Read More 

Tips For Choosing A Shade Tree

Shade trees offer many benefits to your property. They're attractive, and they can produce blooms and fruit. Of course, the main attraction of a shade tree is the shade it provides on hot summer days. According to the Chicago Tribune, the air under a tree can be 10 to 20 degrees cooler than the surrounding air. If you don't have a shade tree, consider using the following tips to select one for your yard. Read More