Tips To Protect Your Topsoil During The Fall And Winter

The colder months of the year can cause problems for the topsoil in your garden or yard. If you want to make it through to next spring with your soil still in solid shape, there are some steps you can take now that might help prevent soil erosion and other negative effects caused by Mother Nature during the most dreary months of the year. Add Mulch If you want to protect your topsoil, you'll need to do what you can to limit its exposure to the frozen elements. Read More 

4 Ways To Use Sand And Gravel As An Alternative To Grass For Ground Coverings

The conventional ground covering used in landscaping is grass turf and other living materials, which can be difficult to maintain. Rather than conventional grass, you may be considering some of the alternatives like gravel and sand. The following sand and gravel solutions will help you replace grass with an attractive ground cover. 1. Create Natural-Looking Pools and Ponds with a Sandy Beach Area If you have water features, pools or ponds with aquatic gardens, you want them to have natural and attractive designs. Read More